Membership Payment

You can pay your membership in IBS through a PayPal account, by Credit Card (handled by PayPal through secure servers) or by Bank transfer.

The current annual membership dues are 50€ or 50$ for Regular Members and 25€ or 25$ for Student members. This amount will cover your membership for 2 years (January to December). For payment issues please contact Manuel Lemos at info (a)

If you are not yet registered as a member, please fill out first the application form that can be found in this site, and then make the payment of the current dues.

If you are already a member, just go to the buttons below.

Membership Payment through PayPal or Credit Card

To proceed with dues payment:

1. Choose to pay in Euros or US Dollars.

2. Select your membership option (Regular or Student membership). Student membership must be documented. A proof of student status must be sent to info (a) If the proof is not received, a full payment as regular member will be claimed.

3. Input the member name in the text field.

4. Click the Pay Now button and follow the instructions.

You will receive a payment receipt from PayPal in your e-mail.

Use this button to pay in Euros

 € € € € € € € €

Use this button to pay in US Dollars

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

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Payments temporarily disabled  

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